My son started going to Matt for pitching lessons when he was about 13 years old. Each time that he went to see Matt, the changes were dramatic, the gains were obvious after each visit. Matt is a great coach and has a wonderful rapport with players. He is able to communicate with them very well, get them to understand what he is teaching them and get them to get more out of themselves than they thought they are capable of…and making it seem easy. Isn’t that what all the great coaches do? Matt absolutely does that.

My son is now a pitcher at one of the best NCAA D3 programs in country. Getting playing time has been a struggle. When my son started college, he stopped seeing Matt since he had a pitching coach at school and we didn’t think they would want him learning from someone else. The first couple of years were OK, he did not get a lot of playing time, but he enjoyed the experience. Then in his junior year, my son had a couple of bad outings in the fall which led to him being left off the Varsity team in the spring. He was devastated. But he would never give up. It just so happened that he was pitching in a JV game against Mott CC and Matt (Mott's pitching coach) was there. Matt came into the stands and asked me “what have they done to him?” My answer was well, nothing, they don’t really do any coaching with him.

The next weekend, feeling we had nothing to lose, my son went to see Matt for a lengthy lesson. Matt was quickly able to identify a couple of things that increased his velocity and accuracy. Within a couple of weeks my son went from not even being on the roster, to actually starting a league game. I have no doubt that none of that would have happened without the caring and coaching that Matt gave my son. My son has continued to see Matt and is now in his senior season. It appears he will have a role on the pitching staff of the preseason 27th ranked NCAA Division 3 team. My only regret is that I did not take him to see Matt sooner and more often.

The Flint area is absolutely blessed to have Matt, he is one of the best pitching coaches out there, period. Not only is he one of the best coaches, he is one of the best people. He cares deeply about his players. My son had also taken lessons from the ex-big leaguers in the Detroit area and honestly, none of them are as good as Matt Jones. If you have a son that wants to get better, I recommend that you take him to Matt. I guarantee he will get better.
-Randy Stevens

Matt has been my hitting coach the last two years.  He has helped me significantly improve at the plate both physically and mentally.  He expects me to work hard and believes in my abilities, which has helped push me to the next level.  I highly reccommend him to anyone with the desire to improve and encourage everyone to take advantage of the knowledge Matt has of the game.
-Jessica Taylor - Hillsdale College Softball

I have been working on my hitting with Matt Jones for five years now.  With the use of the Pro Mirror video system, Matt has helped me break down every aspect of my swing, maximized my time during hitting sessions and improve my hitting outside of the cage. I felt I could make adjustments almost instantly.  I can say without a doubt that I would not be hitting at the college level if it weren't for him.  He has not only worked on the physical side of the game but also the mental side of it.  He is a very patient and fun guy to work with.
-Jennifer Woolard - Aquinas College Softball